Marieke Slootman

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Do you seek inspiration on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for your education, research or organization? Are you interested in insights and practical tools? 

I am an engaged scholar and expert in the field of EDI, working at University of Applied Sciences Inholland as an Associate Lector within the research group Youth & Society. On this website I share my expertise and reflections. 

Read more about my research line Veerkrachtig opgroeien in Inclusieve Pedagogische Contexten under ‘Projects & Onderzoekslijn’ – see link below.    

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

How can we view EDI? How can we make our Education, Research, and Organizations more equitable, diverse and inclusive?


My projects and publications

Every idea is work-in-progress. Ever.
With a bunch of great people, I am continuously developing knowledge and tools for inclusion.


My story & sources of inspiration

I cannot choose. My interests diverge.
Yet, my activities build upon one another.
Figures and stories. Text and visuals.
They feed each other.